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Copyright Policy

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All material provided on this website is protected under the Copyright Act of Republic of Korea, and, unless stated otherwise, the Financial Supervisory Service exclusively holds the copyright and any other rights under the Copyright Act.

Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of material provided on this website by the FSS may be subject to imprisonment up to five years or fines up to KRW50 million under Article 97-5 of the Copyright Act.

Use of the material for profit or any other commercial purposes must be explicitly approved in advance by the FSS. Even in the case of using the material approved by the FSS, the source must be acknowledged to the FSS.

Even when posting the FSS materials on other internet sites, following the appropriate legal procedures, unauthorized alteration or any changes other than minor corrections to the original materials is prohibited and may be subject to criminal penalties.

Internet sites may provide an outside link to the FSS Internet homepage (main page), but may not provide a direct link to any of its subdomains. However, in case the FSS provides a banner as a shortcut to a specific subdomain for the purpose of user convenience, internet sites may provide an outside link to such subdomain. A notice must be given to the FSS when an outside link is made to the FSS Internet homepage or any of its subdomains.

Please contact the webmaster for any inquiries regarding the copyright policy.